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Stress and Jaw Pain


Sunrise-Dental-Surgery-TMJEvery day we are treating patients who have developed jaw pain from teeth grinding or clenching.

They may be busy professionals, stay at home mums, Teachers, or Tradesman.

The common reason that we keep hearing as to why people have developed this habit is Stress!

Stress contributes to many physiological factors that can manifest in someone’s lifetime.

For us in the Dental field, we notice it in the health of our patient’s teeth, gums, and surrounding structures.

There are 2 ways we can treat TMJ disorders of the jaw.

The first is with a guard we make customised for each patient that they wear overnight to protect the teeth from wear and place the jaw in a comfortable resting position.

Some patients require additional treatment if the TMJ pain is quite severe.

Successful treatments include Botox for the Masseter muscle to relax the action of grinding and therefore eliminate the pain.

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