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How long does the Teeth Whitening last Explained

People ask me this question, how long does the whitening last? I would say it lasts forever because with the Zoom whitening we give them a custom made whitening tray to take home, so which can be used as at home whitening procedure. So they take it home and after within one month of Zoom whitening if they think that their teeth are staining depending on their consumption of staining food they can use the take-home whitening gel and the whitening trays, put them in. We have two different types of whitening gels to take home, Day White and Night White. Night White goes into the tray and...

Teeth Whitening Procedure Explained

Cause we don't want to whiten the gums, we whiten only the teeth. This is made of flexible material, so it's flexible soft plastic, and we advise the patients to put the whitening gel around the outer surface of this tray, and after putting the whitening gel, they pop the tray back into their teeth, and leave it overnight for night white, and for day white I leave the gel about half an hour to 45 minutes. After 45 minutes take this tray out, rinse your mouth, and rinse the tray with cold water, brush off all the gel, and keep it in the box provided for...