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Missing Teeth


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Missing teeth

The only thing worse than having food stuck in your teeth, is finding a tooth missing from your set of pearly whites.

Few things are as embarrassing, and besides hurting your self-esteem, a missing tooth can create worse problems in the long-term, if left untreated.


People lose their teeth for all sorts of reasons, but apart from the discomfort it causes, a missing tooth can affect the structural health of your other teeth, due to the gap left behind.


Teeth can go missing as a result of tooth decay, poor gum health, and through accidents.


However, there are ways to plug the problem of a missing tooth. Implants such as dental bridges and crowns are among some of the most effective solutions available.

Find a solution by speaking to our dentist, and don’t let a toothless grin turn into sunken cheeks, or further structural damage.

What Happens If You Don't Treat It?

A missing tooth can cause long-term problems to the structural integrity of a person’s jawbone, and facial appearance.

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