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Our Technology

A feeling of confidence about your smile can affect the way in which you conduct yourself and how you are perceived, personally and professionally.

AMD Laser Dentistry

Laser is an exciting technological advance in dentistry. It is very effective and relatively painless in selected dental procedures.

At Sunrise Dental surgery, we use laser in gum contouring and harmonizing gum height to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile makeover. Our laser also helps with root canal treatments, mouth ulcerations, pigmentation of the gum and in gum disease. Laser surgery can avoid use of scalpel blades and sutures in most procedures and has a faster healing time too compared to traditional methods used in dental surgery.

Digital Dental Radiograph

Digital radiography is an advanced form of x-ray and is used as part of the general check-up process to help identify issues such as cavities, infections, impactions etc.

Digital radiographs are both faster and safer than traditional x-ray technologies as it uses less radiation. It can be processed in computer and zoomed to view minute details, which was impossible with traditional x-rays.

Digital Dental Photography

Digital photography helps the clinician to take high quality images for documentation.

These images are used for treatment planning, communicating with our patients, our labs, and for storage in medical records. We use Canon Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras, Macro lens and ring flash for Dental photography.

Your Smile Is Important to Us

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