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Tongue & Lip Tie Snipping


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Tongue & Lip Tie Snipping

Tongue ties, known as Ankyloglossia, are a naturally occurring part of a person’s oral anatomy, and tether a person’s tongue to the floor of their mouth. Ankyloglossia varies in severity across different individuals, but may in some cases affect an individual’s tongue mobility, thus affecting eating, speech, and oral hygiene.

Similarly, lip ties, known as Labial Frenulum, are also a part of a patient’s oral anatomy, and tether a person’s upper lip to the surface of their gums. However, in some instances, lip ties can cause gaps to form between an individual’s two front teeth, impeding the possibility for dental procedures like braces from being applied.

Both tongue and lip ties can cause hindrances to a patient’s daily activities – often being the cause of speech impediments, or creating unwanted obstructions to parts of a person’s oral anatomy.

The problems most commonly associated to these conditions can vary from one individual to another, and include issues to do with nursing infants, and impeded tongue mobility in other individuals. Speaking to our dentist can help you identify a quick solution to avoid any additional discomfort for the future.

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