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How Sunrise Dental Surgery discovered Cheaper Treatment fee’s For Those Less Fortunate

We have been thinking about our philosophy lately and what kind of dentistry we want to provide our patients. Not only do we want to provide Quality, comprehensive Dental care for all ages, we want everyone to be able to prioritise their health regardless of their circumstances. So it got us thinking… We already provide Bulk billing services for children between the age of 2-17 through the government funded child dental scheme. How could we help others that may not be able to able to afford dental treatment or are on long waiting waits in the public health system? Thankfully we came across an article about the ADF. The Australian...

How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy After Whitening

The fundamental thing that you have to remember is, Brush twice a day & floss once a day People ask me which teeth do I floss: I only floss my front teeth because I can't get on to my back teeth. Well, if you can get on with your food and fork on your back teeth to chew them, you should be able to floss them too because obviously we floss the teeth that we need to keep, so you decide which teeth you need to keep and you floss....