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Sleep Conscious Sedation


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Dental Procedures Without Fear or Discomfort

Dental anxiety is one of the most common reasons people avoid visiting the dentist. This phobia often deters patients from receiving much needed dental work and even the routine cleanings (necessary to maintain optimal oral health.)

It’s no secret that most patients commonly experience dental anxiety – preventing many from seeking out their dentist for regular visits, or when the need for dental procedures arises.

Dental anxiety is one of the most common reasons for patients to avoid visiting the dentist, and is a kind of phobia that deters patients from receiving the much-needed dental care they deserve. When a patient experiences dental phobia, the thought of visiting a dentist, for whatever the reason, can be terrifying – and it can lead to a patient doing just about anything in order to avoid making a dental appointment. However, there’s no reason for anxiety to hold a patient back from trivial procedures like routine cleaning, to preserve optimum dental health.

Sedation dentistry, also called sleep dentistry, provides patients with a way to receive necessary dental treatment, whether minor or major, without the fear caused by dental anxiety. At Sunrise Dental Surgery, our dentist offers sedation dentistry if needed, to ease your dental anxieties and help you achieve the highest level of oral health you deserve.

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