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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Endeavour Hills

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Root Canal Endeavour Hills: Restore Your Tooth Structure and Function

Root Canal Treatment (endodontic treatment) is a dental procedure to restore the structure and function in an otherwise irreversibly damaged tooth.

Also known in dentistry as Endodontic Treatment, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is a dental procedure that restores the structure and function of an otherwise irreversibly damaged tooth.

The pulp is the deepest layer of a tooth, and contains blood vessels, nerve fibers, and soft tissue. As pulp tissue can get inflamed or infected due to different causes such as deep cavities or trauma, untreated inflammations affecting pulp tissue can cause a person to experience severe pain, discomfort, and eventually, to lose their teeth.

RCT is a procedure that involves the surgical removal of inflamed pulp, so as to fill the inside of a person’s tooth with an inert material. On top of this initial procedure, the affected tooth can be further strengthened using a crown, to restore its normal function.

In general, the entire procedure can be done in two or three appointments, and prevent the unnecessary extraction of teeth in the long run. RCT can help to preserve your natural smile, and help to restore basic functions like eating. With proper oral hygiene, and regular visits to our dentist, 90 to 95% of these teeth can last a lifetime.

Known for our very high success rate with RCT, Sunrise Dental Surgery is well experienced in endodontic treatment, and we provide the latest technologies in RCT for your comfort, along with emergency treatment for severe pain, trauma and acute tooth infection.

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