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Nothing takes the joy out of eating your favourite foods like a toothache can.

Despite sounding like a trivial ailment, a toothache is actually a serious dental issue that’s caused by problems affecting the nerve of an affected tooth.


Cracks to the surface of a person’s tooth, caused either by tooth decay or chipped teeth can create greater sensitivity within the affected teeth.


Typically, toothaches are caused by untreated tooth decay that’s penetrated to the core of an aching tooth.


In worse situations, root canal treatment or tooth extraction may be necessary, but only with instances where an affected tooth is beyond repair. However, cosmetic solutions exist in the form of veneers, crowns and bridges, and finding a suitable treatment begins with an initial assessment of the damage done to the tooth.

Treat the pain, and prevent further decay from creating unnecessary aches by speaking to our dentist today.

What Happens If You Don't Treat It?

Without proper treatment, lasting nerve pain can be expected, with potential decay spreading to adjacent teeth.

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