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Are you looking for a way to improve the condition and appearance of your teeth, without the need for tooth extraction or extensive dental surgery?

You might be relieved to know that not all dental solutions involve complex and painful procedures. Depending on the state of your dental health, there are cosmetic dental options you can consider that can provide long-lasting support to preserve your overall dental health.

If you have any cracked or chipped teeth, consider asking our dentist about composite or ceramic veneers. Dental veneers are bonded to a patient’s teeth to enhance their smile by correcting the appearance of teeth in terms of adjustments to shape, size and colour.

Cracks and chips to damaged teeth can leave the nerve endings of a tooth exposed – creating discomfort in the form of severe nerve pain and swelling. As this type of damage requires that the surface of the tooth be repaired and sealed, dental veneers are often recommended because of their ability to protect the surfaces of damaged teeth, and preserve the structural integrity of a patient’s dental health.

As a common dental solution, composite and ceramic veneers offer different benefits to help make adjustments to the shape, size, and colour of a person’s teeth. Speak to our dentist today, and find a custom solution to fit your dental health needs at Sunrise Dental Surgery.

Smile Gallery

Veneers Case 1

This patient was a 30 year old female. Composite veneers were used in this case. The procedure took around 2 hours to complete. Composite Veneers are a cheaper option to Porcelain Veneers, costing only about $2000. A new smile is only a phone call away! Speak to our expert dentists to find out more about our smile makeovers and the best dental veneers for you.

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