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3 Signs That You Have Gum Disease

Your Gums Starts Bleeding

Bleeding gums is always a sign of gum disease. You know how gum disease is because of gum disease, there are few signs that I want to explain how gum disease is. Gum gets inflamed so when you brush, your gums start bleeding. Just gentle tooth brushing, gum starts bleeding, that’s in a very early sign of gum disease. Having said that, there are some conditions like teenagers have got more chance of bleeding gums or pregnancy you get more chance of bleeding gums, but bleeding gums is always a sign of gum disease.

Bad taste in the mouth.

The second sign would be a bad taste in the mouth all the time or when you get up in the morning you can feel that taste in your mouth. The third sign would be your loved ones will start saying to you, “I can smell the bad breath!” That is a very sensitive issue, and before that, you get that you could probably go to a dentist and get your gum disease sorted out.