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Emergency Dentist Endeavour Hills


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We provide emergency appointments and treatment, speak to our dentists in Endeavour Hills today! Let us help treat your pain!

Emergency Dentist

We Provide Emergency Dental Appointments, Call Us Now!

Dental emergencies can happen due to a variety of reasons and could result in excruciating pain or cosmetic dental problems such as loss of tooth or cracked/chipped tooth.

In case of an emergency our dental experts are here to help, we can assist with tooth pain relief as well as cosmetic dental solutions depending on what your problem is.

The friendly team and sunrise dental surgery are always ready for any dental emergency, we have emergency appointments available on request.

If you have a severe toothache or require immediate attention for your teeth, call our emergency dental team now! Call now on (03) 9700 2939

Serving the Endeavor Hills community since 1978 (over 3 generations)
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