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When Do You Need to Change Your Toothbrush

You have to change your toothbrush once every two months. I don’t think females would ask that question. You know, they want to change their toothbrush every week. It depends on who is asking me. If men ask me, I would say, “Once every year.” No, just a joke. It has to be changed about once every two months or three months would be ideal. It doesn’t matter, male or female.

You have to change your toothbrush, once every two months. If you’re changing you’re toothbrush once every week and it’s not going past a week, that means you’re brushing too hard. So, two months is a good time and you can prolong up to three months if you want.

A very good telltale sign of a toothbrush need to be changed is when it frays and when the toothbrush bristles looked chewed, messy and it’s flare out like that. You don’t want to go onto that stage. Probably then your partner or whatever already bought you a free toothbrush.